This past Sunday Carcade was part of McLaren’s second edition of Exotics and Espresso.

Given the weather in the past week, nobody expected such a great turnout. The sun just started shining on Sunday morning as we all gathered to drive to Laval.

We had selected our fresh arrivals to show off – the red Ferrari 488 GTB, the green Lamborghini Huracan and the white McLaren 570s.

As we drove up, we were extremely happy to see familiar faces. Getting some cheers as our #carcade was recognized. For us it had a heartwarming effect and goes to show how positive the community is the Montreal.

Having parked in the back, we left our McLaren’s doors open – allowing anyone who was interested to take a peek inside. The Ferrari and Lamborghini windows and engine were left open for closer view.

We met a lot of wonderful car aficionados. They brought some interesting cars were present, such as LaFerrari, the McLaren P1, the odd Corvette/Supra/BMW i8 mix. Halfway through the reveal of the beautiful McLaren 600LT with orange calipers.

What made this event special was supporting Montreal Special Needs Family Organization through all profits made that day. It really helps create a community among all the cars enthusiasts.

After a while, we were glad to have access to great Espresso’s at Caffitaly Canada and to accompany it with some pulled pork poutine and hamburgers from Kitchen 73. Sadly we all had fresh hair cuts so we missed the opportunity to get a trim done by Jim Le Barbier.

Wrapping up

As people started leaving, we gathered up and go on a photo shoot. It was a great occasion for all our cars to be gathered together. Leaving the McLaren dealership, we were escorted by a navy blue Mercedes Benz C63S AMG. We had the opportunity to drive through the whole Laval 440 highway and it resulted in some pretty amazing images!

Overall – this is the best Cars and Coffees we have attended so far. We’d like to thank all our drivers and content creators for making this a team success. Caleb , Danylo and Jacob

Until next time.